ASBIX ASBIX is the large IT project of Alexey (Oleksii) Kupreichyk including a set of different Internet resources presenting all palette of creative activities of its founder. ASBIX consists of the big esoteric web portal "Infinix", the e-shop of exclusive e-books Asbix-market, the spiritual video blog, the travel photoblog, the website of personal art of A. Kupreichyk, and also different educational activities (lectures, practical trainings and webinars).

Besides this, the activities of ASBIX include promoting of different personal systems of A. Kupreichyk – the system of all-round physical development “WayForce”, the system of psychosomatic correction, the program of alternative healing, the Evolutionary Yoga system, "Dynamic runology", a lecture on depth esoterics, mysticism, spiritual poetry, integral psychology, temporal correction, and also advance unique the Spiritual doctrine of A. Kupreichyk about total transformation through revealing of the creative potential of the person etc.



    the website of personal art and the spiritual doctrine of A. Kupreichyk


    the information and entertaining web portal devoted to esoterics, magic and an occultism


    an e-shop of exclusive e-books


  • 1 000 000 total circulation of published books
  • 50 author's systems
  • 300 published books
  • 500 given lectures
  • 1 000 000 viewings in Google +

Купрейчик Алексей Владимирович Kupreichyk Alexey (Oleksii), was born 1976 in Donetsk. Graduated secondary school, drama and musical workshop, circus and variety school, Donetsk polytechnic technical college and philological faculty of the Donetsk national university. Now he lives in Istanbul. Wrote more than 3000 articles for different Internet portals of the ASBIX project ( including the website "Infinix" ( Since 2001 has been working as the professional writer, the author more than 150 books published by publishing companies of Ukraine and Russia, reprinted in several editions and keep being actively reprinted including digital publication of e-books at online stores, including e-shop of exclusive e-books Asbix-market. Kupreichyk Alexey (Oleksii) writes under the multiple pseudonyms Alexey Korneev, Artur Yarin, Svyatoslav Gorsky, Alexey Kron, Alexey Oksenov, Albert Stan, Vladimir Vladush and also publishes literary works under his own name. Also, Kupreichyk Alexey (Oleksii) is the author of articles and videos, head of the Internet project ASBIX ( including large Internet portal INFINIX (, website of personal creativity "ALEKSEY KUPREYCHIK" ( and personal online store "ASBIX-MARKET" ( were author’s books are sold. Kupreichyk Alexey (Oleksii) writes intellectual, philosophical and comic prose, poems, novels, books on an occultism, medicine, computers, religious trends and magic. Author and performer of own songs, engaged in the art photo, develops and spreads the Spiritual Doctrine of total transformation of the personality through the revealing of internal creative potential, composes instrumental music, shoots films, delivers lectures on psychology and esoterics, travels and handles personal photoblog (, and also promotes the website of personal art "Alexey Kupreychik" ( and system of a physical training WayForce.


Заметки духовного странника. Том 4
Любовь и гармония
Руны – раскрытие женской судьбы
Полное гадательное толкование рун
Любовь и гармония
Руны – раскрытие женской судьбы
Любовь и гармония
Руны – раскрытие женской судьбы